Was He Naive?- A Hero Banner for Edward Hicks

was he naive

was he naive det

“Edward Hicks supported his preaching trips by painting. His PEACEABLE KINGDOMS were acceptable to his Quaker friends, indeed they commissioned them to keep the impecunious Hicks in funds so that he could travel to Meetings all over the East Coast.  I saw 90 of his KINGDOMS at the Philadelphia Art Institute last fall, after I had finished this banner. It seemed amazing that people had preserved his rough little paintings for two hundred years. It must be because they are filled with hope and funny lions.”

The scroll on the bottom of the banner reads: Edward Hicks painted many lions while pursuing the perfect illumination of Isaiah’s vision.

Friends of the Library in Ithaca, NY purchased this picture of a Friend from a friend. It is installed at the Tompkins County Public Library.

12 feet wide by 7 feet high, completed 2000