Such Devoted Sisters- A Hero Banner for Dr. Jane Mt. Pleasant


Dr. Jane Mt. Pleasant promotes and explains the horticultural practices of the Haudenosaunee. She has scientifically demonstrated why Three Sisters Planting is agriculturally sound. The Three Sisters are Beans, Corn and Squash; which when planted together in hills, protect and support each other’s growth. Beans renew the soil with nitrogen which naturally fertilizes the corn and squash. Squash keeps moisture in the soil and smothers weeds with its huge leaves and corn provides poles for the beans. This combination is pretty in my garden as I plant scarlet runner beans to attract hummingbirds.

There is a Tuscarora prayer of thanksgiving. It gives thanks for the Indian people, Mother Earth, strawberries and grass, water, trees, animals, birds, corn, beans and squash, the four winds, the thunderers, the sun, moon, stars and the Creator. I tried to include all these good things in this busy banner.”

The text on the banner is a quote from Dr. Jane Mt. Pleasant, and it reads: “Over the years of working with the Three Sisters it has become clear to me that our lives and the lives of plants are intertwined.” Jane Mt. Pleasant, advocate of Three Sisters planting, teaches Tuscarora wisdom.


5 feet x 8 feel, completed 2008