Queen Catharine- Pathfinder – A Hero Banner for Catharine Montour

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The artist says: “When I imagine organizing women, children and old people for a one hundred mile hike from Montour Falls to Niagara Falls; the fear and hardships experienced, the heartbreak over the destruction of villages, crops and orchards, I find Catharine Montour a stellar example of ‘grace under pressure.’”

Queen Catharine Montour, wife of a Seneca chief, became leader of her village, Catharinestown, at the death of her husband. She was a valued friend of the British settlers who were her neighbors. She spoke several languages and was an active pacemaking agent between the Senecas and the early Yankee trappers and farmers; often traveling to Philadelphia on these missions of peace.

She was sixty years old when General Washington sent one third of the Continental Army to the Finger Lakes region to disrupt the Iroquois League by destroying their food supply and homes.

Her village escaped to the safety of the British at Fort Niagara but many died there of cold and starvation.

After the Revolution, Queen Catharine returned to the area of Catharinestown. The new settlers built her a small cabin. Montour Falls, New York is named in her honor.

5 feet wide by 6 feet high