Come Angel Band- A hero banner for William Billings


Come Angel Band

“William Billings was the first writer of American music, who, by his teachings and publications, roused up a musical spirit that moved all New England. His zeal, perseverance, originality and native talent were so manifest, that his name and many of his melodies, and some of his tunes, in almost their original form, will outlive thousands of a more modern date.” Nathaniel Gould 1853 History of Church Music in America.

Paul Revere helped print Billing’s first tune book, THE NEW ENGLAND PSALM SINGER. The music is strong and the lyrics are pictorial. The tune books have wonderful introductions to his musical philosophy which was instrumental in changing the way music was used in the churches of Colonial America.

This banner is approximately 8 feet across by 6 feet tall.

Around the edge the text reads:

“In 1776 Wm. Billings taught the Bostonians to sing properly. He was a tanner, teacher and civil servant. The patriots of the American Revolution marched to his tune Chester. He was the first composer to publish original American music. He is honored by singers.”