An Unquiet Friend- A Hero Banner for Lucretia Mott

an unquiet friend

Lucretia Mott was famous not only for her work as an abolitionist; her home in Philadelphia was the center of many new ideas. The Motts helped found the first free school for black children, helped write the Declaration of Women’s Rights, opened free stores (stores that sold goods produced by freemen, not slaves), and generally campaigned on behalf of peaceful enterprise. Here she serves Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth while her husband James, her great support, looks on.

The text on the banner reads: “With gentle persuasion, Lucretia Mott told those in authority, “Thou had better think again.” Seek Truth for Authority. Not Authority for Truth. Abolitionists, women’s rights advocates, runaway slaves, Friends and family gathered at the Motts table.

3 feet by 5 feet, Collection of the Women’s Interfaith Institute in Seneca Falls, NY.